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Ways to Boost Your Tradeshow Promotions

Before the Show
The promotional efforts start long before the tradeshow event itself does. When planning for the show, it is important to determine, exactly, what it is you’re trying to achieve: Why are you exhibiting? What are your objectives? What aspects of your business do you want to want to showcase? It’s important to choose a theme that highlights the services and products that you want to promote.

“Determine what you want to promote at the show and develop solid messaging around each element. Don’t settle for platitudes. Focus on what will make you unique and relevant in the eyes of the customers and then communicate these themes consistently across all your trade show promotions,” Adventive Marketing writer Jude Fischer advices.

After determining these, you can use various media such as trade press ads, direct mail, telemarketing, broadcast and broadcast fax, email, and press releases. There are particular advantages to certain media, and you can choose depending on what your company needs, and which is most practical, based on the circumstances. Trade press ads, for example, have wide reach, which is perfect if what you’re aiming for is image awareness and product introduction. Other more targeted media such as email builds awareness for the brand and generates leads.

During the Show
While at the show, take the time to inquire about all the possible ways you could advertise while at the event. Ask the show management about the promotional openings that they offer, both paid and free. Consider the boost that paid promotions could give your business and if it’s worth it.

Billboards, airport ads, hotel tv ads, mobile ads, in-room promos, and show directory ads would do you well, especially if you consider the right advertising for your business. Your booth will benefit from the contests, games, and drawings, as well as in booth premiums, and live presentations—you could even invite celebrities in to draw a larger crowd!

“Social media is a great tool for promoting show activities before, during and after the event. Tap into the show’s official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn pages in the days and weeks leading up to the event. Post ‘live’ video updates from the show floor and invite attendees to you booth events and contests. Be creative and experiment with new ways to engage your audience,” Fischer says.

After the Show
After the show, there is one aim: to be remembered by your recent contacts and to establish a stable connection. No matter how great an initial impression you made with a contact, after the event, they will be going back to their normal day to day activities, and it is very likely they’d forget the meeting. How do you keep them from forgetting?

Tradeshow giveaways are a great way to be remembered: if you give them items that they can use in their day-to-day lives that is stamped with your logo and contact details, rest assured that your business will be the first on their mind the moment they need products or services that you offer.

Aside from such reminders, it is also important to take the initiative to contact them first, making sure that they receive a regular stream of updates and content from your business.

And finally, “don’t forget to evaluate the show against your pre-show objectives,” Fischer reminds.

Maileen Baleta is with the marketing department of Promopeddler Promotional Tradeshow Giveaways. For inquiries email marketing@promopeddler.com


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