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Giveaway Ideas For The Banking and Finance Industry

The banking and financial sector plays a big role, not just in the lives of each and every consumer, but in society in general. It mobilizes savings and allocates credit across space and time. It provides not only payment services, but also enables firms and households to cope with economic uncertainties by hedging, pooling, sharing and pricing risks.[1] It is not unusual for a married couple to have five or six bank accounts -- sometimes spread across multiple financial institutions.[2]

People may have different reasons for choosing one bank over the other – convenience, trust, customer service, ease of use. Whatever it is, fostering loyal customers is extraordinarily important in the financial sector in order to achieve growth. This is your marketing giveaways come in to play.

Using giveaways can be used to build up your brand reputation. You want potential and current customers to automatically associate your company when they are looking for a service that you provide. In the case of financial institutions, it's either savings and checking accounts, loans or insurance. Consider these giveaways if you are in the banking and financial industry.

1. Appointment Calendars - Spending goes up during the holiday season, majority of which is done with the swipe of a credit or a debit card. Thank account holders for being with you the whole year and the year ahead. Remind them of your business all year round when they plot those important dates on their schedules.

2. Coin Banks - When wallets are getting heavy with loose change, those coins have to go somewhere. More often that not, they go to the piggy bank. Give your customers a coin bank with your name and information on it. They may not go directly to their savings account but it puts your bank at the forefront of their minds.

3. Card Holders - Whether it's to hold credit or debit cards, it would be a good practice to hand out card holders to anyone who opens a new account. Not doing so would be like hands handing keys to the owner of a new car - but with no keychains.

4. Calculators - If there's one giveaway item that's pretty useful during tax season, it's the calculator. Giving away calculators to account holders or members of your credit union during the year will reap you dividends when it's time to file income taxes.

5. Activity Books - Start them young and do your share in spreading the imprtance of saving money among children. There are a number of financial industry related coloring and activity books out there. Who knows, the recipient of your giveaway might be a depositor in the future.

Carlo de la Paz is with the marketing department of Promopeddler Trade Show Promotional Giveaways. For inquiries email marketing@promopeddler.com


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