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Five Trade Show Giveaways That Should Be In An Auto Show

The recent Detroit Auto Show saw Ford unveil the 2015 F-150 [1] and Kelly Rowland perform while Mercedes C-Classes were driven on stage [2]. There's never a dull moment to talk about anything related to autos. Since this is a trade show giveaway blog, the closest we can come to talking about them here should be anything trade show related. Looks take a closer look at what's going on in auto shows and the car enthusiasts scene to give us a clue.

Auto Shows, just like any other trade show, is more about networking than staying in your booth all day. For that to happen, you need an atmosphere that allows exhibitors and guests to chat with one another other than inside the booth. You want interaction and customer engagement. You want to keep guests in the venue for as long as possible instead of having them troop to their hotels at the end of the day.

Cars and Coffeeâ„¢ [3], a weekly gathering of car enthusiasts, should give one a hint that travel mugs and packs of coffee are great freebies for the average car junkie. What better way to spend the day than sip a cup of your favorite coffee while talking about cars? I can't think of any.

Keychains are a no-brainer. You need keys to turn the ingnition. Unless hotwiring a car is a much preferred option to turn on the engine, it should always be included in this list. The emergence of keyless entry systems have not rendered car keys obsolete. As long as car keys exist, your average auto enthusiast will still need his keys (and their keychains, of course).

At the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota booth provided built-in chargers [4] so guests did not have to go anywhere else. Lets's face it, going out with an electronic gadget that just ran out of batteries is just as good as leaving your wallet at home. If you were an exhibitor, you wouldn't want your potential clients and contacts leaving just because they have to go get their car chargers, don't you?

Over at the Mini booth, a DJ spun from atop a customized Mini Cooper [5]. Some branded headphones would be some thing guests to a booth like theirs would surely bring home.

Carlo de la Paz is with the marketing department of Promopeddler Promotional Trade Show Giveaways. For inquiries email marketing@promopeddler.com


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