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Finding The Best Location For Your Tradeshow Booth

Finding the best location for your booth is one of the most important factors that will determine the success of your event. It is like positioning your business in a prime real estate property. The location of your booth can have an impact on the amount of traffic that you will generate. This would translate to more leads and possible sales during the show. So where is the best place to position your booth? Here are some tips on finding the best location for your booth:

Although high traffic locations are preferred by exhibitors, some of these areas are worth avoiding such as in the entrances and exits. These areas tend to get so crowded and chaotic so your booth will not be noticed. This may not auger well to your desire to generate sales because initiating a conversation may already be a challenge.

Likewise, it is best to avoid locations that are near to food service centers or restrooms. While there is high traffic in these areas, attendees may have a different agenda when visiting these locations. As a result, your booth will not rank high on their list of priorities. Aside from that, there might be a huge number of attendees loitering in front of your booth keeping other attendees from seeing your staff.

If the tradeshow features a lot of seminars, you are better off positioning your booth near conference or seminar rooms. Likewise, the right side of the aisle from the main doorway offers more benefits compared to the left aisle.

Moreover, be cautious of the booths that are near or adjacent to yours. You could be at a huge disadvantage if your booth is located next to one that has a PA system. Yes, it may generate huge traffic but the loud nature of the PA system may again discourage productive discussions with visitors.

In addition, stay away from booths located near key competitors or major companies which will have larger and more vibrant displays. These areas should be avoided as well: dead-end aisles, spaces near columns and overhanging ceiling pipes, and booths near outside edges. These will keep visitors away from your booth.

If you are attending the trade show for the second time, check if you still desire the similar location as the previous years. Although you may easily be found, it might be better to look for a more strategic location. You can compromise the location for one or two years but try to scout for a better location for the next and succeeding years.

So it is best to book early so that you can position your booth in a prime location. Find your preferred location and reserve as soon as it becomes available. The best booth area is one that will maximize your exposure and develop immediate results.

Maileen Baleta is with the marketing department of Promopeddler Promotional Tradeshow Giveaways. For inquiries email marketing@promopeddler.com


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