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Common Pitfalls To Trade Show Marketing

One cannot deny the effectiveness of trade shows as a marketing medium. However, setting up a trade show booth may not seem as easy as it is. While it can generate potential customers and income for your business, you are also bound to fail if you commit these common pitfalls:

Losing Track of Your Desired Objectives
When taking part in trade shows, you always need to have your objective in mind. Getting out of what you desire to achieve is a formula for failure. Your marketing goal will dictate the theme, the giveaway, and the design of your booth. So always have your target market and objectives in mind if you want to become successful with your event.[1]

Not Targeting The Right Leads
Hundreds of leads will come to your booth during your stay in the event but the question is: Are they the right leads for your business? As such, you need to classify your visitors and determine the right one for your business. It is always great to give something away as it would generate traffic to your display but it is important to give it to the right person. So train your booth staff to classify the leads and evaluate if they are what you are looking for.[2]

Preferring Low Cost Over Value
Most of the giveaway items in the market nowadays are affordable. But then again, you should not compromise the quality of your giveaway items for the low price. This is a trade show booth mistake you should avoid. Giving away pens that do not work or leak can create a bad impression on your business. It is understandable to look for something you can get for a low price as a giveaway but make sure that it would be valuable to the recipients. Everything you do will reflect your brand so give freebies that will not leave a stain on your brand.[1]

Assigning The Wrong Booth Personnel
The success of your booth display is largely dependent on the people manning it. Do you think event attendees will come to your booth if they see that the people assigned on it have their heads down, doing something else, and not minding the people coming in. So if you want to drive traffic to your booth, make sure that you put in people who know what they will do during the event.[2]

Avoiding these pitfalls help ensure that you will achieve success with your trade show booth.

Melvin L. Magadia is with the marketing department of Promopeddler Promotional Tradeshow Giveaways. For inquiries email marketing@promopeddler.com


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